Modular Cleanroom System

Cleanroom Doors

Cleanroom doors are like the wall and ceiling system mainly aluminum, however we adapt to any 1¾” Door, including FRP Fiberglass or Stainless Steel.

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Features of Cleanroom Doors

Doors are typically the longest lead items, so good for the schedule that they go in last. Configurations include, Full Glass Panels, ½ Glass, beveled or Stainless-Steel Lower Section, Full Panel, single wide, 2 to 6’ or double width, similar or mixed sizes.

How it works

6 Cleanroom door systems that include :


Hinges can come in any style, roton, continuous, or standard cleanable designs.


Door closers can be built into the frame, or exposed with multiple angles and hold open configurations

Automatic Openers

Do you want to go hands free, we have automatic door openers which can be configured to open in multiple ways, hand swipe, push button, card access or on proximity with interlocks to other doors.


Security can be card access, or integrated magnetic locks in the frame


Sliding door options include aluminum or all glass options

Rapid Roll

ALUMA1 has an integrated Rapid Roll Door, that integrates flush into the wall system, and all the roll hardware is above the ceiling for service.

The ALUMA1 System

Is designed around real world conditions, floors that are not level, and designs that need to be modified for site conditions or use changes

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