Modular Demountable Cleanroom System

Cleanroom Wall System

Standard interchangeable parts allow any configuration to meet any need. The ALUMA1 system was designed around standard components that can be adapted for any use requirement.

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Features of Cleanroom Wall System

The system has the advantages of “Stick Built” track and stud technology designed exclusively for Cleanrooms. With all the structural components of extruded Aluminum, powder coated on any exposed surfaces, and prefinished Aluminum skinned panels. The open stick-built cavity of our 3” (75mm) wide system allows mechanical / electrical services to be installed at any location, not at predetermined chases. The panels are easily replaced if damaged or modifications are required. The key to the system is the “co-extruded” PVC Battens and coves which seal the panels in place with minimal caulking giving you the flexibility of change. With the coves being part of the wall system, it allows flexibility to install your flooring and then build the walls which can be easily relocated.

How it works

6 Cleanroom wall systems that include :

Services Anywhere

Install any services anywhere within the open cavity, including mixing of services, and NO CONDUIT required.

Integrated Coving

With coving as part of the wall system the major advantages are the ability to relocate a wall at any time, save construction time and $ on the cost of floor coving

Co-Extruded Battens

The co-extruded battens use a soft sealing strip to seal tightly to the panel, while allowing easy removal for changes, relocation, and repair if damage without requiring specialized trades

3” Wide

The width of the ALUMA1 system and the cavity allows ample room for services, and as the panels are installed separately allows wider double wall configurations allowing for return air chases and ductwork and around structural interferences


It’s more Meccano than LEGO, take it apart and change up the way you rebuild it, endless possibilities. We have systems in their third home in 20 years.


Field Fit To Suit” no matter how well you plan, even in our wonderful 3D world, sometimes you run into something unforeseen with the site or the design, no problem ADAPT.

Start to finish in 4 hours



The ALUMA1 System

Is designed around real world conditions, floors that are not level, and designs that need to be modified for site conditions or use changes

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