Modular Cleanroom System

Cleanroom Trim

The sealing ability of co-extruded trim is the key to the flexibility of the ALUMA1 System.
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Features of Cleanroom Trim

Initially we were like everyone else a joint that required sealing, whether it was caulking (Silicone or Polymer) or uPVC cold welding, the drawback was the technical skill required to consistently produce quality joints, the cleanup if a panel need to be removed so it could be re-caulked or with welded the inability to remove a panel without damage. All these drawbacks were eliminated with the tight friction fit of the co-extruded (soft and hard PVC) Battens and Coves. It seals tight and is easily removable and rarely not reusable.

How it works

6 Cleanroom Trim System Features that include

Coves integral to the Walls

With Cleanroom radius coves as part of the wall system this gives ALUMA1 an advantage in reconfigurability. Install the reconfigurable ALUMA-T Ceiling, next the flooring, and then build your walls, allowing them to be moved or removed and reinstalled as required. This saves construction time, allows the ability to leave open walls for equipment installation or construction access. Floor coving is another high skilled and time-consuming trade

Co-extruded Cleanroom battens and coves seal tight

Using snap in place friction fit, the trim seals tightly to the wall panels, floor, and ceiling. We recommend a small, concealed bead of caulking under the floor cove to seal tight to any imperfections

Chemical Compatibility

PVC is chemically resistant to every chemical that we have been exposed to in a Cleanroom or Laboratory environment, if you are unsure, please ask. One client did a test by immersing samples in a 5 gallon container of all of their chemicals, when they found it one year later the battens still held a panel to the wall.

Easily removable

Nothing stays the same, you need to add a new service, a panel gets damaged, easily snap off the battens, make the changes and back in business. One client had a “major” roof leak during with the auditors in the building, the water was 1 foot up the wall cavity. Anyone who has experienced a flood knows how devastating this can be, with drywall a disaster, with solid panels, how do you know what is now in the cavity? ALUMA1, slightly less of a problem, remove the panels to access the cavity, cleanup, and test, replace the panels and wait for the results, back in business.


Easily reconfigured, if you need to move a wall, or relocate the entire facility to a new location, just that easy and clean.


Carefully snap them out of position, and they can be reused many times, yes PVC is not the best at recyclability, so reuse them, yes the old joke I cut it twice and it’s still to short applies, so look for a location that requires a shorter piece

The ALUMA1 System

Is designed around real world conditions, floors that are not level, and designs that need to be modified for site conditions or use changes

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