The ALUMA1 system is designed specifically for your Critical Environment by providing ultimate flexibility, easy installation, modifications and maintenance.

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What is it?

We had designed and built Cleanrooms since 1986, and when building our first Pharmaceutical Aseptic Filling Suites in 2004 we used a “modular” system that was leading technology. Because of the factory-built panels needed to be signed off prior to production the greatest time was getting the design signed off. Luckily the space was available to tape it out to scale and correct the design missteps before signoff. The fun came when the first container arrived 2 weeks late on a 4 week build it caused a lot of unnecessary stress. 

In our post project review we invited 5 local pharmaceutical companies to send representatives to discover if there could be a better way. We discussed the progressive nature which required factory panels, the need to use predetermined utility chases, the inability to remove a panel to bring in equipment, the caulking whether silicone or cold-welded joints one was a lot of work with a very special skill set, and the other making relocation impossible. Ceilings needed to be designed to match the openings for HEPA and Lights, with special considerations to placement and panel joints. With their feedback ALUMA1 was born.

Don't get stuck with a system that doesn't adapt to your needs.

The ALUMA1 Cleanroom Modular Demountable Wall & Ceiling solution is flexibility through standard components that can be configured and/or reconfigured as needed

ALUMA1 Benefits

Still have some hesitations whether this is the right system?
Check out the reasons why you should choose the ALUMA1 Solution!

Adaptable Ceiling Components

Precision manufactured in remanufactured "ladders' allow the ceiling to go up quickly and provide all of the locations to build the walls down from this flat starting point..

Easy Installation & Configuration

The kit of parts is more MECCANO than LEGO allowing the installation team the flexibility to work around any changes or site as found conditions.
FFTS - Field Fit to Suit

Truly Flexible Design

The ALUMA1 System has been able to get every site challenge that has found to date.

If you have an application that doesn't fit with our current system capabilities, we will add a solution. This is how we keep growing

Mechanical & Electrical Services

The nominal 3" (75mm) face to face cavity design allows you to place services in the location you require, mixing piping, electrical and process all in the same cavity. Electrical can be installed with armoured or teck cable, no need for conduit.

Window Configurations

Precision manufactured in remanufactured "ladders' allow the ceiling to go up quickly and provide all of the locations to build the walls down from this flat starting point..

Quick Ship

ALUMA1 has inventory of all the pieces and can build the ceiling ladders within days of a layout drawing being approved. Remember that if there are subsequent changes, it can be field modified.

We also strive to ship components on wheeled carts to reduce wasted material handling time on site. Allowing tradespeople to do their most important task, Installation

Trim Ready Cove Design

Coving a floor up a wall has 3 disadvantages;
1 - Coving requires very skilled trades increasing cost and time.
2 - An environment that will not change in temperature / humidity conditions or there can be expansion or shrinkage.
3 - If you renovate you need to patch the floor.
Coves with the wall system eliminate these issues

Easy Maintenance & Modifications

Every now and then something crazy happens, and a rogue cart or forklift hits your wall. First it has to be a heck of a wallop to go through a panel. Remove the cove and battens and replace the panel, easy as that, see our video

The ALUMA1 System

Is designed around real world conditions, floors that are not level, and designs that need to be modified for site conditions or use changes

Designed to satisfy ISO 14644 & cGMP Requirements

ALUMA1 has been developed to meet all the Cleanroom Design & Regulatory Requirements, of any design authority such as ISO, or regulatory agency for GMP, such as US FDA, Health Canada and the EU

ALUMA1 Products in Action

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Trace Metals

ALUMA1 has been used in Trace Metals Cleanrooms both with a return air chase and in fully ducted exhaust applications

Trace Metals


Radiopharmaceutical Cleanrooms are a combination of the requirements for Pharmaceutical GMP with an overlay of Nuclear safety requirements.



As medicines are becoming more targeted to the individual, we are involved with more pharmacies


Pharmaceutical Grade B Aseptic Fill

The ALUMA1 system has been successfully validated in Grade B Aseptic Filling applications

Pharmaceutical Grade B Aseptic Fill

ISO 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Cleanrooms

Your wall and ceiling system needs materials of construction to meet the intended classification. These materials cannot absorb, react or shed particles during any use or cleaning. Typically wall and ceiling components will not change with the classification of the room, as they are just one component

ISO 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Cleanrooms

Biological Safety Containment Level

The ALUMA1 Systems has been successfully applied in BSL 2 - BSL 3 (CL2 & CL3 Canada) applications.

Biological Safety Containment Level

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