Modular Cleanroom System

Walkable Cleanroom Ceiling System

Like our wall systems the ALUMA1 Cleanroom Ceiling is easily configured to meet the requirements of the project, putting HEPA Filtration and Lighting where you need it, not where the standard openings are.

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Features of ALUMA-1 Cleanroom Ceiling System

The ALUMA-T is another kit of extrusions, 2”, 3” & 6” wide, all with a strut style top for ease of installation using locally available hardware. Easily configured to give be a walkable Cleanroom Ceiling, while maintaining the ability to adapt and be reconfigured

How it works

6 Cleanroom ceiling systems that include :


Easily configured depending on the span required with or without hanging points


Easily configured to match any Cleanroom light fixture style, including our Integrated ALUMA-T LED Light fixture


Bring mechanical and electrical services through the ALUMA-T so the panels are easily removed for access


Sprinklers are typically flush type heads, with the piping supported at the ALUMA-T so that the heads move in unison with the ceiling.


Easily reconfigured, add a new HEPA Filter, Light Fixture, or new services, or move the entire ceiling to a new location

Standard Hardware

No specialty hardware required, connected with standard STRUT hardware available locally if you need to add or modify the ceiling

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The ALUMA1 System

Is designed around real world conditions, floors that are not level, and designs that need to be modified for site conditions or use changes

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