Modular Cleanroom System

Cleanroom Wall and Ceiling Panels

The ability to substitute any ¼” or ½” panel adds to the flexibility of the ALUMA1 System.

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Features of ALUMA-1 Cleanroom Wall & Ceiling Panels

Panel flexibility allows you to use any style of panel that meets the project requirements and budget. Most panels are 4’ in width and up to 12’ in height. Cleanrooms are normally white as this is the best adaption to test cleaning efficacy. Most projects are aluminum pre-painted panels with various substrates, ALUMAcomb is aluminum honeycomb core, ALUMApoly is a polyfluted core, ALUMAfoam, is a high-density foam core, and ALUMAfrp is a Fiberglas Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for Metal Free - Trace Metals applications, and where chemical resistance is required. The panels can be supplied from many local sources directly to a project site.

How it works

6 Cleanroom Panel System Features that include :

Flexibility in Sizes

With width and height flexibility panels are ordered based upon the ceiling height to be achieved and are purchased to the correct length to reduce on site handling and installation time. Substrates are chosen based upon

Field Fit to Suit

No custom factory-made panels, designs are centered around the 4’ width, and pother sizes are easily cut on site.

Chemical Compatibility

The pre-painted aluminum skin is compatible with most Cleanroom cleaning requirements, for the next level we can design in smooth FRP

Easily removable

Nothing stays the same, you need to add a new service, a panel gets damaged, easily snap off the battens, make the changes and back in business. One client had a “major” roof leak during with the auditors in the building, the water was 1 foot up the wall cavity. Anyone who has experienced a flood knows how devastating this can be, with drywall a disaster, with solid panels, how do you know what is now in the cavity? ALUMA1, slightly less of a problem, remove the panels to access the cavity, cleanup, and test, replace the panels and wait for the results, back in business.


Easily reconfigured, if you need to move a wall, or relocate the entire facility to a new location, just that easy and clean.


An ALUMA1 Cleanroom can be reconfigured in endless possibilities, imagination is all you need.

The ALUMA1 System

Is designed around real world conditions, floors that are not level, and designs that need to be modified for site conditions or use changes

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